Signs You Should See a Specialist for Your Back Pain

Signs You Should See a Specialist for Your Back Pain

Back pain is a common issue, and it impacts most people at different stages of their lives. While minor back pain can often be resolved with rest and ice to relieve inflammation, more serious back pain should be evaluated by a specialist. Back pain can be a sign of a more severe medical condition and can eventually become chronic. 

You should schedule an appointment with a specialist, like one of the doctors at Florida Spine & Injury Institute of Lakeland, if: 

Your Pain Goes Beyond The Back. 

Back pain that extends beyond the back and into one or both legs is a sign of a more severe injury. Shooting pain that extends from the back to the leg can indicate a damaged spinal disc. Spinal discs are difficult to heal, so prompt treatment is necessary to minimize the damage. Chiropractic care and other specialized treatments for the spine can relieve pressure on the spinal discs so that the injury doesn’t worsen. 

You Have Persistent Back Pain. 

If your back pain remains at the same severity despite rest and home remedies like ice therapy, it’s time to visit your doctor. Persistent back pain indicates an injury or condition that requires more extensive treatment to heal. By not receiving specialized treatment for persistent back pain, you’ll likely only worsen the issue and require more extensive care in the future. 

You’re Experiencing Numbness, Weakness, or Tingling. 

Back pain accompanied by numbness, weakness, or tingling indicates a more serious issue than regular back pain. A pinched nerve, herniated disc, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, and other spinal conditions could be at the root of your numbness, weakness, or tingling. It’s important to get the condition or injury diagnosed promptly so that you can get on the right course of treatment. 

If you’re experiencing back pain, schedule an appointment at the Florida Spine & Injury Institute of Lakeland to speak with one of our spinal care specialists.